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We proof, edit, and improve online content: blogs, landing pages, anything you need. It's not your job to worry about tone, grammar, or silly minutiae. It's ours.

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How it works

  1. Submit the URL of a page you'd like professionally proofread. We immediately scan the page for size, context, and content; we then assign an editor to personally review, proofread, and edit the page.
  2. Input your payment information.
  3. You'll quickly get emailed a side-by-side comparison of your draft and the improved version, as well as general advice. You'll even be given the contact information of your editor so you can ask them further questions.
  4. If you're not satisfied, you'll get your money back -- no questions asked.

Why it works

Numbers don't lie: the web is more social now than it's ever been. Consumers, readers, and buyers consistently spend more time on the web than ever before; and, as a result, they have higher standards.

Errors and missteps of any kind online can crush your image.

For a low price of $20 for every five hundred words, we assign a personal editor -- trained and well-versed in your subject matter -- to your case. They read through the page not only for mere spelling and grammar errors, but also compare it with competitors and other similar pages to determine appropriate tone, voice, and context. This is compiled into a dossier and sent to you within a few hours; not only that, but you'll be free to contact us with any further questions or clarifications.

And you get to spend less time on this -- more time on doing what you love.

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